Lal Bhatia: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Man

Lal Bhatia, an outside the box thinker, is a banker-turned-author-turned-producer of boutique wines, olives, olive oil. Sold by invitation only, the wines, olives and olive oil are marketed under the name of David & Goliath and produced in Sicily, Italy. Lal also produces films and documentaries. Lal knows how to rise to the occasion and change adversity into opportunity.

Lal Bhatia, who got popular because of his book ‘Indicting Goliath’ — a real-life story of a man who, while falsely incarcerated for 13 years, had to fight for justice and freedom without a lawyer in the United States of America, when corrupt individuals within the US government levied fraudulent charges against him — is a global thought leader and innovator with an entrepreneurial flair. Lal has conceptualized and developed new business models in challenging environments. Lal’s core competencies include new-ventures, team building, change management, business development, film production, brand development, governance and strategy for digital transformation. The author has been a strategic thinker with strong ethical standards and a focus on results.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Calcutta University in 1987, in 1996, he received a Masters in Business Administration from the Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii. With over 33 years of business strategy and management experience with various small and large organizations assisting in strategizing, branding and opening new markets, Lal has a vast network of diverse profiles in every corner of the globe.

Lal recently also turned creative producer for ‘Samjho Bharatwasi,’ an upbeat music video supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, encouraging citizens to follow COVID-19 protocols. The video received 1 million views within 48 hours. He was also the creative producer for a public awareness film, which stressed on the importance of wearing a mask for Bidhannagar Police by Barking Crow Films.

In July 2020, he creatively produced a short film Panaah, which was supported by the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi India. He has also been awarded by one of the biggest newspapers in the country – Times of India for entrepreneurship.

Lal who has many qualities was a keynote speaker, of the Institute of Engineering, Vidyanath Aiyar Memorial Lecture and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Eastern India Regional Council. He was also the chief guest for ‘Nine Letters of Honour,’ a play by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Eastern India Regional Council.

He has also participated on the panel of experts for business opportunities and global impact on Sicilian products at the National Convention of the Della Regione Siciliana, Sicily, in Italy. He has also been felicitated by the Ministry of External Affairs – Government of India. After wearing so many hats and known for his versatility, Lal Bhatia is a man to reckon with. He said, “Despite experiencing agony and pain when I faced emotional, social and financial upheaval, I managed to survive and later thrive all with the help of God’s grace, sheer grit and determination. If it had not been for the blessings and my will power, I would not have come so far. I am glad that I could work hard and get support to shine in my endeavours. When you fearlessly focus on your passion, never hold yourself back, help others and dream big you can defeat any Goliath in your life.”

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